AARP and the World Health Organization define Livable Communities using 8 Domains. To efficiently use our volunteers and Valley resources, we chose in 2019 to combine 4 of those domains into one – Community Connections. Those four are Respect and Social Inclusion; Communication and Information; Civic Participation and Employment; and Social Participation.

We strongly believe that we can use every means possible to include, connect, inform and engage members of our larger community which makes our region more vibrant and livable for all.

Interested? Then join us. You have something to offer. The goals are fluid, always being updated and added to. We are eager to hear your ideas.

Contact the domain coordinator listed below to become a member of our working group.

Goals 2024-2025

Domain Coordinator:

Renee Wheaton (603-205-0909)

Goal 1:  Continue to enhance the relationship between OLLI and the Gibson Center by offering regular OLLI opportunities at the Gibson Center. Promote and distribute all 20 free OLLI memberships provided by Gibson.  

Goal 2: Recruit individual managers of town specific service directories for Bartlett/Jackson/Harts Location and one for Conway. Replicate the model from  Freedom – Rick Davidson. 

Goal 3: Establish email exchanges, replicating the Freedom Bulletin Board, Tamworth Exchange, Madison Boulder, Eaton Ears, Jackson E-news and Jackson Bridge models, for all 12 towns as desired by them. This will be accessible through the MWV Age Friendly link on the Gibson Center website and other sites as desired. 

Goal 4:  By January 2025, update the Senior Resource Kiosks in Conway & Freedom and replicate the kiosk in 4 more libraries in the MWV. 

Goal 5:  Complete the 2024 edition of the MWV Age Friendly Resource and Planning Guide and make it available and even better well known throughout the 12 NH communities in the MWV using every mechanism for distribution and posting, electronic and print where appropriate. 

Goal 6:  Continue to assist the MWV Age Friendly working groups in communicating   information about and achieving their goals

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Our 12 Participating Towns

AlbanyBarlettChathamConwayEatonFreedomFryeburg, MaineHart's LocationJacksonMadisonOssipeeTamworth