We live in a remarkable region with opportunities to enhance them all. Our goals represent our efforts to open everyone to the trails, the beauty, and camaraderie of wellness. We have access to mental health counselors, exercise classes, recreation, safety checks, and nutritious food if we take advantage of them. Our work is to promote and grow these opportunities.

Interested? Then join us. You have something to offer. The goals are fluid, always being updated and added to. We are eager to hear your ideas.

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Goals 2024-2025

Domain Coordinator:

Caleb Gilbert () Executive Director of Carroll County Coalition for Public Health

Proposed Goals: 2024 – 2025

  1. Partner with Memorial Hospital, Visiting Nurse Homecare and Hospice, and the MWV Adult Day Center to continue implementation of the Dementia Capable Community Grant:
    • OMA – Opening Minds Through Art classes
    • Palliative Care – Increase rates and durations of referrals for palliative care
    • Community Health Worker – Continue utilization of CHWs at Memorial for cognitively impaired patients beyond the ACL Grant period
    • Dementia Education – Continue training in dementia sensitivity and caregiver support beyond the ACL Grant period
  1. Digital Health
    • Provide another 80 Chromebooks and iPads in the next year to seniors in need
    • Provide 450 hours of training using paid and volunteer tutors at Gibson and CPL
    • Create a Telehealth information rack card to be posted in all Primary Care and Specialist offices. Goal is to describe the benefits, encourage family involvement and make follow up Telehealth appointments where appropriate- Print 1000
    • Determine supports needed by providers to feel most comfortable with Telehealth
  1. Emergency Preparedness Initiative – “Go Bag” and “Stay Bag” & AARP Disaster Resilience Tool Kit. Integrate this into County Public Health Emergency Preparedness,
    • Host at least 3 events and participants can leave with an emergency  “go-bag” in case of evacuation or “stay -bag” in case of multiple days of being stranded.
    • Work with each town first responders and town managers to develop a registry of older adults with special needs (O2, dialysis, mobility issues).
    • Provide File For Life refrigerator pockets for essential medical information – distribute 500
  1. Research and Review components of Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine Programs
    • A research and exploration based-goal. Investigate and create a report by end of 2024 on the feasibility of its implementation
  1. Assist the Carroll County Food Access Network
    • Grow by 50% by January 2025, the enrollment of older adults in SNAP benefits and use of Meals on Wheels, and Congregate meals. (There is legislation that might pass this year to simplify the application process).,
    • Gibson Center will include assistance with applications in its Benefits Enrollment Center.
    • SNAP Outreach through NH Food Bank & CHWs


Our 12 Participating Towns

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