Welcome to March and National Nutrition Month- where I hope you take a minute to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity habits—also this month keep an eye on our Facebook page for fun tips and facts throughout March.

Here are a few tips and tricks to start you off!

Eat Healthy Fats: A great way to kick-start new eating habits is by paying attention to the types of fats you consume. Trans-fats can contribute to heart disease. In contrast, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in avocados, lean meats, nuts, seeds, extra-virgin olive oil, sesame oil, and fish are good for cognitive functioning and heart health.

Consume Comfort Foods in Moderation: Eating healthy does not mean completely eliminating favorite comfort foods high in fat, sugar, or salt. The key is moderation. You can have your favorite “unhealthy” treat or dish once in a while instead of every day.

Healthy Meats: Eating healthy does not necessarily mean becoming a vegetarian. You can enjoy meats more by choosing recipes that call for baking or grilling instead of frying.

Reduce Sodium Intake: Watch for hidden sodium, as found in some salad dressing, which you can have on the side. You can also opt for other spices and flavorings, such as fresh herbs and lemon juice.

Consume Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits: Integrating fruits and vegetables into your meals is a simple, easy habit. Foods from the produce section are excellent sources of plant protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Include Fiber: Eating fiber-rich foods helps you feel fuller after eating and regulate your digestive tract. For more fiber, reach for fresh fruits, raw veggies, beans and peas, and whole grains. Try whole-grain oatmeal topped with pecans for breakfast. If you don’t care for raw vegetables, steam or boil them.

Bon Appetite! –Becky

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