Green Mountain Conservation Center

Green Mountain Natural Area Trail is located on Green Mountain Rd., a few hundred feet from the intersection of Rt. 153N/Rt 25. Green Mountain Road continues south off of Rt. 153N when it intersects with Rt. 25. There is no parking area. Be sure to park far enough off the road. The trail is .5 mile one way, (1 mile round trip) Follow the arrows. it goes to the right and the left.

Further West on Rt. 25, (3.2 miles from 153 N, and 8.3 miles from Rt. 16), you will take a right onto Huntress Bridge Rd. Go over the bridge and on your left is the headquarters of GMCC – Blue Heron House. This is a beautiful sanctuary with two interpretive nature trails:

Great Blue Heron Trail is a .2-mile loop.
Artemis Trail is .4 mi one way. (.8 mile round trip)


Helpful Tips

  1. Plan and educate yourself about the difficulty ratings of walking paths – easy, moderate or difficult. Carry a guidebook with maps or take a photograph of kiosk trail head maps.
  2. Walk with a friend for safety and companionship. If hiking alone, be sure to tell a friend or a relative where you are hiking. Carry a smart phone, but also ensure there is coverage.
  3. Stay on designated paths, respect private and public land. Be considerate of animal wildlife habitat and wild plants – take pictures and leave nature undisturbed.
  4. Stay hydrated, carry water and snacks.
  5. Have appropriate hiking footwear with good traction.
  6. Wear appropriate clothing based on daily weather conditions and temperatures. Consider sunglasses, insect repellent (ticks), layers, trekking poles, and in the winter – micro spikes, YakTrax or snowshoes.
  7. Carry out trash and keep pets on leash unless otherwise posted and bring bags to dispose of pet wastes.
  8. Assess the parking situation at the trailhead, be sure to lock your vehicle and do not leave any valuables in the car.
  9. Take a few minutes to stretch and warm up before hiking.
  10. Stop regularly to ensure everyone is comfortable with the pace, the terrain, and their physical condition.
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