We are dedicated to enhancing awareness and access to our forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. We are focused on making our Valley’s parks age-friendly with dog parks, community gardens, exercise equipment, benches and amenities that whole families and towns can enjoy.

Interested? Then join us. You have something to offer. The goals are fluid, always being updated and added to. We are eager to hear your ideas.

Contact the domain coordinator listed below to become a member of our working group

Goals 2022/2023

Domain Coordinator:

Edwina Boose ()

Goal #1: Age Friendly Walkable Trails – 5 strategies:

  • Review, revise and upgrade originally listed Most Walkable Trails to website. We will reprint and distribute rack cards in spring.
  • We will add “hike safe tips” , along with Valley Pledge to web site with link on rack cards.
  • We will connect with other outdoor organizations to ask for their input as well as encourage them to publish the Walkable Trails in their newsletters, website or Facebook page.
  • We will work with National Trail Day clean up or Valley Pride Day to include the Walkable Trails.
  • We will look into mapping the Walkable Trails to put on the website and perhaps develop an app.

Goal #2 Connect with county Recreation Departments to see if Age Friendly can be at the table. 2 strategies

  • Attend a county wide meeting of the Recreation Directors to inform them About Outdoor Spaces and the MWVAFC.
  • Collaborate and share information regarding initiatives.

Goal #3 Continue to support North Conway Rec Path and activities it might be used for – 2 strategies

  • Offer to volunteer and provide PR for grand opening.
  • Research the feasibility of initiatives such as www.portlandwheelers.org

Goal #4 Promote and support communities who have expressed an interest in creating nature interpretative and ADA compliant trails – 4 strategies

  • Provide PR when grand opening of new Tin Mountain Trail occurs.
  • Ossipee is collaborating with Green Mountain Conservation Group to design a nature interpretive trail, as well as upgrading an existing trail to be ADA compliant.
  • Tamworth is interested in developing an ADA trail.
  • Identify other communities who would like to develop these trails.

Our 12 Participating Towns

AlbanyBarlettChathamConwayEatonFreedomFryeburg, MaineHart's LocationJacksonMadisonOssipeeTamworth