On a sunny May 21st, the spirit of community was palpable at the Gibson Center in North Conway. Carroll County ReCycled, in collaboration with Bear Camp Bikes, Carroll County Adult Ed, and the Mount Washington Bike Club, hosted the first annual free bike giveaway for adults over age 60. The event was a resounding success, marked by the joy and gratitude of participants.

Despite the summer heat, a vibrant crowd gathered to peruse the selection of 30 bikes on offer, which included men’s and women’s models, hybrids, and more. Ned Beecher from Bear Camp Bikes and Chris from the Mount Washington Bike Club were on hand to assist with fitting and mechanical adjustments, ensuring each bike was perfect for its new owner. The Bike Club also generously provided helmets, while safety instructions were provided with each bike, ensuring the seniors’ well-being on their new wheels.

By the end of the event, 26 bikes had found new homes. The smiles and thanks from the attendees highlighted the profound impact of this initiative. Those who couldn’t find a suitable bike were added to a waitlist for future donations and refurbishments planned for the summer.

Carroll County ReCycled has been a beacon of support and sustainability in the community since September 2023. With 280 bikes donated to date, the organization has refurbished and given away 190, improving access to transportation and enhancing the quality of life for many, from children and students to seniors and recovery center residents.

This initiative doesn’t just stop with bike giveaways. The partnership with Project Bike Tech is empowering Kennett High School students and inmates from the Carroll County jail, through Carroll County Adult Ed, to become certified master technicians and secure employment after their training.

We have provided bikes to families, recovery centers, Angels & Elves, schools, the local jails, J-1 student workers, adult education students, adults over age 60 and adaptive sports programs. We want to donate to everyone. Help us keep this alive! You can follow our journey @ Carroll County Recycled on Facebook

The next donation event is already scheduled for June 22nd, from 1:00-3:00 PM at Tuckerman’s Brewery in Conway on Hobbs Street. As Carroll County ReCycled continues to foster mobility and freedom across the community, they invite everyone to participate by donating used, serviceable bikes. These events are set to continue throughout the summer, weaving a tapestry of giving across the Valley.

For those interested in contributing to this valuable cause or in need of a bike, please reach out to . Follow Carroll County ReCycled on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events and the ongoing impact of your contributions. Remember, it takes a county to uplift a community, and every bike donation sparks a chain reaction of goodwill.

Let’s keep the wheels of generosity turning. Help us make a difference, one bike at a time.

Bike Giveaway Organizers posing for a photo
From left: Gibson Center Executive Director David Smolen and former director Marianne Jackson, Scott Boisvert of ReCycled, and Beth Waugh and Crystal Sawyer of Carroll County Adult Education Photo by RACHEL SHARPLES.
Participants getting on bicycles
From left: Miguel Balonis of North Conway, Conway resident Dave Hewston, and EBG Mobile Bike Repair owner Chris Krug stand together at the bike Photo by RACHEL SHARPLES.
Todd Hoskin of North Conway pedaling by the group
Todd Hoskin of North Conway pedals by the group Photo by RACHEL SHARPLES.
Deborah Carbone of Brownfield, Maine, cheering while testing out her new bicycle
Deborah Carbone of Brownfield, Maine, cheers while testing out her new bicycle Photo by RACHEL SHARPLES.
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